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Folder Lock 5 and 6 used to be available in many languages which include: Spanish, Italian and German. However, this was discontinued in the initial Folder Lock 7.0 release.

The company did state its plans to relaunch the multiple languages option in the 7.6.0 version of Folder Lock, which will release in March 2016, will have a contribution option that the users will use to participate in the localization of the software.


Folder Lock uses the highest standard of encryption, that is AES-256, which is in use by US military forces. There are several security functions for different activities and they are described as follows;

Encrypted Lockers

Folder Lock can create multiple lockers and store files in them. These lockers are actually folders which are encrypted. There is virtually no way to access them except to enter the correct password. Multiple lockers can have multiple passwords which aren’t related with the main Folder Lock software. This means that there’s no way to access these lockers if the user does not know the correct password, even if he has access to the main Folder Lock software.

The lockers come in two formats; NTFS (Basic) and FAT-32 (Backup-able). NTFS and FAT-32 lockers can have a maximum storage range of up-to 14 TB and up-to 2 TB respectively. It’s up to the user whether he wants to encrypt an existing Folder or wants to create a new locker.

Portable Lockers

This function allows Folder Lock to create encrypted lockers which are portable. These portable lockers can be added into a USB and copied elsewhere. They can be sent as an email attachment. They can also be burned on a CD or DVD drive using Folder Lock’s own built-in burner.

These lockers have their own separate passwords and are protected using AES-256 military grade encryption. A user does not need to have Folder Lock installed on a PC to access these lockers.Portable Lockers have a maximum storage limit of up-to 4 GB.

Lock Files

A user can lock any file, folder or drive (excluding system drive) in his PC using Folder Lock. These locked files are kept hidden inside Folder Lock and can be accessed or unlocked from there. However, these files are only locked and not encrypted

Secure Backup

Secure Backup refers to the secure cloud backup service. It is a subscription based service which needs to be bought on a monthly basis.


Below is the history of Folder Lock software written in yearly format;


The first update of Folder Lock was launched on October, 01 2004. It was named Folder Lock 5. It received some major bug fixes and it was the first time that the software was marketed aggressively. Afterwards, Folder Lock starts was polished and made better with every update.


A major update of Folder Lock was sent on 4 April 2005 in which was called Folder Lock 5.2, it had the ability to lock and unlock multiple files and folders with just a right click. Apart from that, it had a better context menu and the program was workable with all DPI settings. After about a month on 18 May 2005, Folder Lock was launched in multiple languages that included French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. On August 23, 2005, brute force attack protection was added in the program and the conflicts on Korean and Japanese version of Windows also got solved.

2006 launched Folder Lock 5.5 on March 20, 2006, the software was equipped with a Password Strength meter that could tell the user that whether the allocated password is weak or strong, the strength depends on different categories.


On February 5, 2007, Folder Lock 5.7 became Windows Vista compatible, it was a major update and helped it to grow.


This was the moment, 6 October 2008, where Folder Lock was coded to have AES-256 military grade encryption on-the-fly, it put Folder Lock class apart from its competitors. It also got a new interface in this update and Folder Lock now had the ability to create lockers that can be carried onto portable drives and can be burned on CDs. Folder Lock 6 has been the most successful versions of the software.


Folder Lock became completely compatible with Windows 7 on March 16, 2010, by then it had borne handy features like drag and drop features for locking and enhancement in settings, stealth mode, hack attempt monitoring and others.


Folder Lock 7.0 was a complete reform in terms user interface. Folder Lock 7 was updated on 17 September 2011, it had a much more professional look. This version has got it all. Folder Lock 7 has all the security features that include encrypt files, backup online, protect USB / CD, lock files, make wallets, shred files and clean history. Additional features include stealth mode, hack security, application level password security and automatic protection. Folder Lock received another major update in shape of Folder Lock 7.1, where users were able to run the locked files with a double click, master password was required to access all the features and multi-login, syncing in secure backup was also available, default uninstall password, drag and drop in all features, better integration between Encrypt Files and Secure Backup.


Folder Lock became completely compatible with Windows 8 on 11 March 2013 with Folder Lock 7.2.


Folder Lock 7.5.6

The new release was released on Dec 21, 2015 with a crucial update that stops the BSOD occurrence in windows 10 users.



Folder Lock was initially released on Windows. Its latest update, i.e. Folder Lock 7.5.6 came out on December 21, 2015. This version of Folder Lock is completely compatible with Windows 10. Other features include Encrypted Lockers, Portable Lockers, Lock and Hide files, Secure Backup and Information Manager (Wallets). However, Folder Lock fails to secure your files from Ransomware such as Locky and Cerber3


There are two versions of Folder Lock on Android. They are mentioned below;

Folder Lock

This is the original Android app for Folder Lock. Its features include protecting and locking down private pictures, documents, secret contacts, sensitive videos, wallet cards, etc. It allows users the option of secret voice recording. Users can also write notes which are protected inside the app. All the locked data can easily be stored on the cloud server.

Folder Lock Advanced

This is the advanced and more sophisticated version of Folder Lock for Android. Unlike Folder Lock (Android), it allows users to encrypt files using the AES-256 military-grade encryption. Apart from this, the app has a user-friendly interface, new and improved features and is superior in overall functionality. It locks users’ personal files, folders, photos, videos, audio files, documents, wallet cards, notes and every other kind of data that needs to be secured. Moreover, users can back up the safeguarded information on the cloud. Finally, the app has additional security features which prevent unauthorized access





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